06.03.2018 CRUFTS 2020 (Бирмингем, Англия) эксперты MR R C MAYNARD (кобели)  – MRS E A POPE (суки)
Lozung Citrus Jam (вл. Aleksandra Szydlowska) – was in Yearling Lozung Absolute Legend Fernflower (вл. Миронова) – Shortlist  in Open 195a3377 195a3146 Lozung Brighten Up My Day (вл. Бычкова) – was Special Working Gundog 195a3441 195a3651 Lozung Above the Dream (вл. Агапова) – Res in Special Working Gundog 195a2932 195a2995 195a3766  
Больше фотографий => 07.03.2018 CRUFTS 2019 (Бирмингем, Англия) эксперты MRS A RICHARDSON (кобели), MR F KANE (суки) Lozung Brighten Up My Day (вл. Бычкова) - Shortlist in Yearling img_1016 img_9968 Lozung Bring Me Luck (вл. Терехова, Агапова) - was in Yearling img_9626 Lozung Above the Dream (вл. Агапова, х. Пугачева) - Res in Special Working Gundog img_1191 Lozung Absolute Legend Fernflower (вл. Миронова) - 1st in Special Working Gundog Working (14) 1. Agapova's Losung Absollute Legend Fernflower. Balanced outline. Well shaped head with dark eye. Well constructed front and rear. Mature well ribbed body. Level topline. Stood four square wagging his tail. Moved out with drive. In lovely coat and hard condition. img_0530 Zvezda Al’biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (вл. Агапова) - Shortlist in Veteran img_1208 img_0860 img_1145 Больше фотографий => 11.03.2018 CRUFTS 2018 (Бирмингем, Англия) эксперты Mr. B.W. Catterall (males), Mrs. G. Hewitson (bitches) Zvezda Al’biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda – VHC в Open Bitch (45 собак в классе!) img_4568-2 img_4695-2 Lozung Absolute Legend Fernflower (вл. Миронова) – без места в Special Working Dog img_5042-2 img_5066-2 Больше фотографий => 11.03.2017 CRUFTS 2017 (Бирмингем, Англия) Эксперты:  MR K A W YOUNG(кобели) - MRS S BROWN(суки) Lozung Absolute Legend Fernflower (вл. Миронова) - Победитель класса! (Special Working Dog)! Agapov's Lozung Absolute Legend Fernflower. Liked this one a lot. Well presented with a lovely balanced outline. Pleasing head with a dark eye giving a typical soft expression. Straight front with good bone and depth of chest. Correct lay of shoulders with a strong neck and level topline. Mature well ribbed body with good bend of stifle. Very stylish positive movement with good reach and drive. 9y1a7894 9y1a8549 Zvezda Al'biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda - выставлялась в открытом классе 9y1a7852 9y1a8612 Больше фотографий => CRUFTS 2016 (Бирмингем, Англия) Эксперты:  MRS H LAMBSHEAD(D) - MRS S GOODWIN(B) Zvezda Al’biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (вл. Агапова) 10257673_1713248548887481_1752317720171218223_n Lozung Above the Dream (вл. Агапова) - VHC  in Yearling 10744_1713247988887537_23262542183225499_n Lozung Absent for Cataleyagold (вл. Суша) 10441210_1713248465554156_1669124803363930755_n Больше фотографий => CRUFTS 2014 (Бирмингем, Англия) Эксперты:  MRS J L BARROW(D) - MRS L HENNESSY(B) Zvezda Al’biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (вл. Агапова) - 1st in Special Gundogs Bitch, BEST BITCH, CC!!! 1 Agapova's Zvezda Al'Biona Iz Sokolingo Gnezda. CC. Where do I begin caught my eye the second she entered the ring. She could not put a foot wrong, standing free on a loose lead it was there for all to see, her super balance with correct angulation she looked like she could work all day, shown in immaculate coat and super hard fit condition her expert handler knew her well, as the bitch seemed to say no one can do it better than I. Her pretty pale gold coat gleamed. Standing four square with her ever wagging tail, superb neck, topline and tailset, stood on the very best of legs and feet. In the challenge for the CC I selected three for further consideration. In an extremely close run race and in the hottest competition I was feeling as though I needed a little help to decide but on the final run round she went the extra mile with her amazing movement. Head held high she goes with total precision covering her ground with a long powerful stride making my decision just that little easier. She made my day! 1982270_744422385581711_1217871183_n 10152518_744422355581714_1376127461_n 10255616_764539356903347_6726123558961894726_n Больше фотографий => CRUFTS 2012 (Бирмингем, Англия) Эксперты:  MRS F V THURM(D) - MISS I CUTHILL(B) Zvezda Al’biona iz Sokolinogo Gnezda (вл. Агапова) - VHC  in Yearling 416910_365643186803385_100000731200126_1201437_1439740008_n Больше фотографий =>